Information for Walkers

TIME:  Arrive by 8 am.  The walk will begin at 9 am.

PARKING:  Parking will be available.  You will be shuttled back to your vehicle at the end of the walk.

LUNCH:  Lunch will be provided.

T-SHIRTS:  A limited number of T-shirts will be available on a first-come-first serve basis.

WHAT TO BRING: Check the weather and dress appropriately. Wear comfortable shoes. Bring sunscreen and water.

WHAT NOT TO BRING:  Don’t bring signs or other things that will weigh you down. Don’t bring bullhorns.

TEXT UPDATES: To sign up to receive announcements by text, text “walktheline” (not case sensitive) to 31996.  You will get a welcome text message to confirm you are signed up to receive text updates.

ROUTE: For details about the route, click here.

ACCESSIBILITY: For information about accessibility, click here.